The Flaming Tankard Inn

Owned by Elsa Hornbridge, the Flaming Tankard is situated just south of the Industrial ’bourg, a little west of the Church of Morrow. A favored watering hole of the workers (a large majority being Thurian) from the nearby factories, the inn is famous for its Throatburn wiskey. While not usually served in an actual tankard, it is a longstanding tradition that anyone can enter a contest to win a month of free drinks by ordering a “Flaming Tankard”.

The contest goes like this. After paying for the drink, the contestant is served a full tankard of Throatburn. The mug has an illusion cast upon it that makes it seem like the whole thing is aflame. The drinker has just one try to drink the whole thing in one go. If he (or she) does manage to quaff the entire thing, they are declared winner, and can order regular drinks for themselves for the next month! Think it can’t be done? Well, Elsa has done it twice since she inherited the inn from her late husband, just to prove she can! Entry is one time only, no refunds one the tankards been poured!

Besides drinks, Elsa has clean rooms and good grub for decent prices. The Tankard’s common room is open till 1 in the morning, and most nights there is a Thurian folk singer to charm the crowd.


The Flaming Tankard Inn

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