Religions of the Iron Kingdoms

The majority of humanity reveres Morrow – although there are sects that worship his twin sister, Thamar. These were once mortals. Now, they have ascended to become deities, representing Good and Evil, respectively. The diverse Ascendants of Morrow and Scions of Thamar are also prayed to and revered as patrons.

Older than the Twins, the worship of Menoth was once the dominant religion of humanity. This faith has dwindled in recent centuries, but many still respect this grim and unforgiving god and his unbending principles.

Cyriss is the goddess of machinery and mathematics. Although her worship is a fringe faith, a growing number of the educated have come to admire her and speak her praises.

Last of the human pantheon is the Devourer Wurm, a nightmare out of the ancient past. The Foe of Menoth, this god-like creature is still paid respect in the wild corners and among those who despise civilization, and many of the more savage races of western Immoren.

The black-scaled Lord Toruk, the Dragonfather, is not counted as a deity by the majority faiths, however, the humans (and other races) of the Scharde Islands worship this eldest of dragons as a god. By all accounts the great creature must at the very least be a demigod, for he does indeed bestow spells and powers to his clerics. However, Toruk is not considered a part of the human pantheon by modern theologians.

The dwarven pantheon is the largest in western Immoren. However while their names and legends are known to every dwarf, the thirteen Great Fathers are always worshiped as a single divine unity.

The gods of the elves once walked among their worshipers on Caen, but no more. What the elves had considered their finest accomplishment became their gravest mistake. The Divine Court once numbered eight; now, only two remain – Scyrah and Nyssor. The elves search for an answer that has plagued them for several thousand years – how can they survive the passing of the Divine Court?

The religious beliefs of the goblins, ogrun, and trollkin have had a lesser impact in western Immoren. However, they have their own spiritual beliefs, a rich mythological history, and well-established rituals and holy days. According to their legends, the benevolent goddess Dhunia is the wellspring of creation, having shaped the world and filled it with living creatures. Most of the goblinoid races believe they were created as the result of a violent union between Dhunia and the Devourer.

Religions of the Iron Kingdoms

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