Locations in Corvis

Grocers Quarter
Armorer’s Quarter
Jeweler’s Quarter
Merchant’s Quarter
Industrial Quarter
The Quad

Church and State
The Menite Temple
Cathedral of Morrow
Northern Graveyard
City Hall
Courthouse and Jail
Army Barracks

Private Residences
Sunbright Estate

Rest and Recreation
The Quad Iron Inn
The Buccaneer Bass
Flaming Tankard Inn
The Falling Star Tavern
The Corvis Arena
Gordenn’s Groves Park

Bodak’s Blades
Captain Kurgan’s Goods & Wares
Engines East
Garworth’s Arcana Emporium
Pitt’s Pistols

Guilds and More
Corvis Caravaneers
Merchants Guild
Steam and Iron Workers Union (chapter-house #18)
Corvis University
Fraternal Order of Wizardry Lodge

Outside the Walls
Gadock Farm
Fullet Farm
Eastern Boneyard
Widower’s Wood

Gates & Bridges
North Gate
North Bridge
East Gate
Black River Bridge
South Gate

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Locations in Corvis

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