So, new to the Cygnar, are ye? I’ll give ye the five-copper tour. The Kingdom is about two hundred leagues from east to west, and about three hundred leagues from north to south. We’ve three major rivers, one inland sea and scores of lakes. The capital is Caspia, far to the south, where the Black River empties into the Gulf of Cygnar.

The Kingdom was founded about 400 years ago, at the end of the Orgoth Empire. As ye know, the Orgoth raiders conquered this land a thousand years ago, and ruled it with an iron fist. It was only after hundreds of years of brutal rebellion that the inhabitants of this continent defeated the invaders. Born in this conflict was what we today call the Iron Kingdoms – of which Cygnar is the shining star.

Cygnar’s last ruler was King Vinter Raelthorne IV – a cruel, evil man. After almost two decades of his rule, his younger brother Leto led the coup that removed him from power. Unfortunately with the help of those still loyal to him, Raelthorne the Elder managed to escape the palace before his execution. He is rumored to be plotting his revenge to this day, but no one has seen hide nor hair of him or his black-hearted lieutenants.

I wouldn’t worry about Raelthorne the Elder, though – he hasn’t a chance of regaining the throne. His brother Leto is a fine king and an honorable man. Under his rule the Kingdom has become a much safer place. So long as ye stay within the cities or on the major trade routes, nary a soul will bother ye. The King’s patrols are a common site, and they do a fine job at keeping the peace, though they are often heavy handed. Don’t cross them, my friend, or there’ll be a warrant out on ye before ye know it.

The King has also started building roads to support more trade though there are years of work still to be done – and plenty of taxes to be collected, I’ll wager. Taxmen are almost as commonly seen as guard patrols, but at least they finance the mighty steamjacks that are carving roads out of the living rock.

Lesser Cygnar, as the south is called, are home to rocky hills and lush forests. The moors of Greather Cygnar, to the north, are dotted with swamps and marshes. It’s here, where the Black River and the Dragon’s Tongue diverge that you’ll find the city of Corvis.

Clockers Cove
Ironhead Station
King’s Vine
New Larkholm
Pt. Bourne
Steelwater Flats

Major Sites

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